1. What are the opening hours of computer classrooms?






3F PC Classroom 1(140315)

Computer Center Building

12:00~22:00 9:00~22:00 Closed

3F PC Classroom 3(140317)

Computer Center Building

B1F PC Classroom 4(140011) Computer Center Building


4F PC Classroom 5(140406) Information Building Open hours according to class schedule Closed

6F PC Classroom 6(270627)

General Building of Colleges


2. Where can I find scanners in the Computer Center?

We currently provide scanners in the Computer Classroom 1 (level 3). The Scanners in the Computer Classroom 1 are attended to computered installed with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software.

3. Where can I find laser printers in the Computer Center? Are they black and white or color printers? How much do I have to pay for the printings?

Location Classroom Type of printing How to pay
3F Computer Center PC Classroom 1 A4 B&W Laser Coins (No changes available from coin machine)
A4 Color Laser deposit
3F Computer Center PC Classroom 2-3 A4 B&W Laser Coins (No changes available from coin machine)
A4 B&W Laser deposit
B1 Computer Center B1 PC Classroom A4 B&W Laser Coins (No changes available from coin machine)
A4 Color Laser deposit
A4 B&W Laser deposit
5F Computer Center Printing Room A4 B&W Laser deposit
A4 Color Laser deposit
A3 Color Laser deposit
A2 Color Inkjet Changes available
A1 Color Inkjet Changes available
A0 Color Inkjet Changes available
4F Information Building PC Classroom 5 A4 B&W Laser deposit
General Building of Colleges PC Classroom 6 A4 B&W Laser deposit

4. Where should I look for my lost property in the Center?

Please go to the location where you lost your property. If not found, please go to the administration office on 2F (140214) to report your lost property.

5. Is there wireless Internet connection in the campus?

Yes, we provide wireless in the campus.
For more information, please refer to: wireless

6. Do you provide staff/students with authorized software? How should I obtain it?

Please go to iNCCU -->Campus AgreementSoftwares to register and download authorized software.The software authorization terms vary for different users (staff, all students, students living in the dormitories). Please download and install the software by following the instructions and do not install it illegally. The Computer Center is not responsible for any illegal installation.